Automation of Airport Control Tower

The equipment of Airport Control Tower automates fligths arrival and departure procedures, ingrates air traffic control procedures interacting with NMOC (Network Manager Operations Centre). 

The equipment includes workstation of Area Control Centre (TWR) controllers (AIR, APP, GMC, SV, TC) and server equipment: Flight Data Proccessing Server (FDPS), Radar Data Processing Server (RDPS), recording and communications server Rec.

HMI of working positions supports all procedures recommended by Eurocontrol for the flights planning, departure and arrival. 

Detailed information
Duplicated servers provide:
  • data exchange with AFTN networks (FPL, NOTAM, etc.);
  • generation of SFPL flight plans;
  • automation of arrival and departure procedures (SID, STAR);
  • CPDLC technology application;
  • vehicle movement control on the runway;
  • automated data interchange with adapter ATC units (OLDI);
  • surveillance multitracking based on data from SSR, PSR, ADS-B;
  • support of Safety Nets procedures (STCA, MSAW, APW, APM, MTCD);
  • support for aeronautical and weather data. 

Main characteristics