Radar extractor A1000/A1000M/A1000H

A1000 /A1000M / A1000H Radar Extractor is designed for:

  • automatic processing of analogue signals from the outputs of a primary radar and ground-based radar interrogator (IFF);
  • automatic extraction of plots, determination of polar coordinates;
  • determining characterictics of air objects based on data from interrogator;
  • distribution of processed radar data in digital form.
Extractor A1000H is designed to automatically control and extract information from interfaced radar height-finders.
Detailed information
Composition of A1000/A1000M

The equipment in mounted in a frame rack installed directly at the radar station or at the command post. 

A1000M consists of:

  • radar processor;
  • high-resolution color LCD display
  • trackball manipulator
  • modem
  • external panel with input, control and output connectors
  • overvoltage protection unit
  • automatic-circuit-breaker
  • cable kit

Radar processor equipment is mounted in the case of industrial computer and include:

  • single-borad industial computer with SVGA adapter;
  • HDD or SSD drive
  • radar adapter X-RADARA114;
  • synchro-resolver adapter A119 (when connected to the radar without ACP and NORTH output signals);
  • HDLC adapter A115.
Functions of A1000/A1000M
  • reception and processing of radar signals from radar stations and ground interrogators;
  • continuous analysis of own status and the quality of input signals;
  • generation and distribution of data to consumers. 
A1000/A1000M provides
  • two channels connection: ECHO from radar station and VIDEO from ground interrogator;
  • automatic plot detection and determination of coordinates according to the radar data
  • decoding of grounf interrogator response;
  • correlation between ECHO and VIDEO;
  • automatic analysis of the correspondance between amplitude and time parameters of output signals to specified values and tolerances;
  • automatic self-diagnostics;
  • distribution of data to consumers;
  • display of radar, diagnostics and service information on the monitor screen. 
Parameter Value
Operating temperature range from 0 to +55 C
Storage temperatire range from - 20 to + 60 C
Relative humidity 85% at +25 C
Atmospheric pressure

from 660 to 830 mmHg

(from 84 to 107 kPa)

Main characteristics