Voice recording system AR2000

Voice Recording System AR2000 is intended for recording, storing and playback of audio data transmitted via:

  • analogue subscriber communication lines;
  • digital subscriber lines (Siemens, Meridian, Alcatel etc., in compatible protocol);
  • Ethernet channels (VoIP), E1 lines.

AR2000 can be used in 24/7 mode and is installed iin the stationary heated premises. 

Detailed information
Functions of AR2000
  • reception and difitisation of audio data from up to 16 subscriber channels via A-380 adapter;
  • reception of digital audio data from up to 16 subscriber channels via A-381 adapter;
  • reception of audio data in VoIP digital format via Ethernet;
  • reception of digital audio data from E1 channels via E1 adapter (4 lines of 30 channels);
  • data recording, archiving and storin in digital format in the internal archive;
  • activation of recording for each channel: continuous mode or by exceeding the threshold level;
  • automatic deletion of "old" recordings;
  • ability to copy selected channels to removable media;
  • interfacing and synchronization with master time system;
  • ability to install additional equipment for duplicated data recording, automatic application of recording settings and other parameters on the backup set;
  • system authorized access capability, transmission of recorded data over Ethernet;
  • automatic identification and access documentation to AR2000 data;
  • automatic synchronization of system settings, access rights and user registration on all system sets;
  • protection of input circuits by voltage and current;
  • protecting the software against unintentional deletion by service personnel;
  • control and management of recording modes, playback of recorded data is performed from a remote operator working position (via Ethernet). 

Audio channel



Number of channels

up to 1024

Channel bandwidth

16; 32; 64 Kbit/s

Frequency response

300 Hz - 3400 Hz ± 3dB

Record time

24/7 all channels

Input resistance

>30 kΩ

Input sensitivity

from -35 dBm up to + 10 dBm

Signal/noise ratio

usually - 50 dB


usually - 50 dB

Parameter Value
Search parameters

date and time of record beginning,

channel number and name

Average access time less than 1 s
Audio systems 4 W, 8Ω
Headphones maximum 200 mW, 32Ω
External output rated 1 V

Main characteristics