Ground-based mobile VHF-band radar AMBER-1800 provides automatic deployment on prepared sites and is designed for detection of air targets, determination of their coordinates and distribution of radar information to consumers. Transmitter and receiver of AMBER-1800 radar are solid-state.

Functions of AMBER-1800:

  • automatic detection of air targets and determination of their coordinates (plots: azimuth, range);
  • automatic generation of tracks and tracking of air targets in specified areas of airspace;
  • displaying of video, plots and tracks, automatic distribution of air situation to consumers over provided data links;
  • automatic issuance of the air target elevation measurement commands to radio height-finders, correlation of measured elevation with the tracks;
  • recording and storage of air situation and interfaces of radar operators;
  • control of radar operation modes, technical monitoring and diagnostics.

Radar consists of two vehicles:

Vehicle No. 1 - Hardware cabin with main electronic equipment;

Vehicle No. 2 - Vehicular platform with leveling system carrying antenna mast assembly (AMA) and deployment system, antenna-feeder system, two electric power plants.

Detailed information
Composition of AMBER-1800
  • antenna-feeder system
  • AMA automatic deployment system
  • platform automatic leveling system
  • antenna rotation and tilt system
  • transmitting system
  • receiving system
  • information processing, displaying and distribution system (operator and remote workstations with 500 m standard cable)
  • recording, monitoring and diagnostics system
  • power supply; two power plants, transformer 380V – 220V, automatic load transfer and power distribution unit of the hardware cabin
  • communication system
  • temperature control
  • semitrailer is leveled automatically/manually by electric drives installed on the chassis
Performance characteristics of AMBER-1800



Range of working frequencies

140-180 MHz

Frequency agility:


  • method for frequency agility


  • discreet steps


  • frequency setting accuracy

±10 kHz

Probing signal types and duration:


  • amplitude modulated signal

6 µs

  • phase shift keyed signals:


    • PSK-13

13 x  6 µs

    • PSK-42, PSK-51

(42,51) x 6 µs 

Transmitter pulse power 

8/10/30 kW

Capability of instant probing signal power and structure changes


Detection range for a target with RCS of 2.5m2, at the antenna height of h=6m:

 8 kW / 10 kW / 30 kW

  • at altitude of Н=100 m

30 km / 33 km / 46 km

  • at altitude of Н=500 m

60 km / 69 km / 93 km

  • at altitude of Н=1000 m

70 km / 81 km / 108 km

  • at altitude of Н=3000 m

110 km / 122 km / 170 km 

  • at altitude of Н=10000 m

300 km / 360 km / 400 km

Detection accuracy:


  • range

270 m

  • azimuth




  • range

1100 m

  • azimuth

Range of MTI

0 - 400 km

Clutter suppression ratio

>40 dB

Dynamic range of receiver and digital signal processor

>100 dB

Automatic control of upgraded height-finders


Start-up time

3 min

Power consumption

6 kW

Time of deployment/stowing down (after installation on the site of operation )

12 min

Environmental conditions:


  • wind speed

up to 35 m/s

  • icing

up to 10 mm

Main characteristics